Engage & E-Max Kit

Online energy monitor + 7.9″ Colour Energy Display

From: £114.90

From: £114.90
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Monitor your energy use in real-time through your in-home display, iOS, Android, and web apps

Online Energy Monitor

Track your energy consumption from anywhere using the mobile Android and iOS apps, and get into data collection and analysis downloading a monthly data spreadsheet on your computer.

Android/iOS Mobile App

Access your energy data anytime, from anywhere using your smartphone

Web Portal

Insight into your energy use, and data download through the web portal

Real-time data

See how much electricity you are using at any given time

Up to 5 Circuits

Monitor up to 5 circuits separately or solar installations (Need STXtra)

Historical data

Check the amount of energy consumed per day, week, month or year (cost, CO2 and kWh)


Monthly Budget

Set a target consumption for the month and monitor your progress

Energy Demand

See when and how you consumed electricity and exactly how much power it demanded from the grid

Data Download

Use the web portal to download your energy data into an Excel sheet

7.9″ Stylish Colour Energy Display

E-Max is the latest energy monitor from Efergy. Now is easier to keep an eye on your energy use at home than ever with a big 7.9″ display, faster performance, battery for room-to-room portability and USB-2.0 port to download your energy consumption data.

7.9'' Display

7.9″ high quality colour display with touch buttons

Energy now

See your current energy use with a colour-coded speedometer

Historical Usage

Historic data today/yesterday, this/last week, this/last month


Always On & Peak Usage

Compare solar production to energy consumption with an easy to read infographic


Monthly budget

Set your own monthly target and the budget bar will help you keep track of costs

Data download

Use a USB Flash Drive to Download your Energy Data in .csv format



Peak time, high usage, low battery and wireless signal indicator


Flexible settings

Set up to 4 different tariff, monthly budget, alerts, and multiple world currencies

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