Mini Sensor

Monitor any live cable by simply clipping around it


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Measure the electrical current

Efergy Sensors are designed to measure and report the AC current flowing in a single conductor. It is very easy to install just clamp it on a conductor cable and plug it into the transmitter (it clamps around the insulated wire and measures the magnetic field).

The clamps only measure current, so the voltage value must be estimated. On most of our energy monitors you can set and adjust the voltage. The default setting will usually be 240 volts which is the typical electricity supply voltage in Australia.


  • Clip around the cable to monitor the current that runs through it
  • Add it on your Engage system to monitor up to 5 circuits
  • Add sensors to monitor three-phased power supply
  • Ideal for residential properties
  • Easy and quick to install

Compatible with existing Efergy Elite, E2 and Engage energy monitors (not the TPM model)




Three Phase Compatible

  • Model: MIN-SR
  • Dimensions: 31x57x21mm
  • Weight: 60g
  • Internal diameter: Max. 12mm
  • Nominal: 90A Max. 120A
  • Voltage Range: 110V-300V CAT II 600V
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